Employee devices

Looking for jobs?

Are you looking for a student job, internship or temporary job? Based on your preferences, Seal Jobs selects relevant vacancies!

Recruiter devices

Looking for candidates?

With Seal Jobs you can quickly post a vacancy, invite candidates yourself and find the staff you need with just a few clicks! Like, Match & Seal the Deal!

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Looking for a job in hospitality, promo or retail sector? Seal selects the right vacancies based on your preferences! In need of temporary staff? Invite the candidates you find suitable!

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Is there a mutual interest between the jobseeker and employer? Then it’s a Match! With the built-in chat and video function you can easily contact each other. Your new workforce will be working before you know it!

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Seal the deal

Did you and the employee or employer hit it off? Did you come to an agreement? Go for it and Seal the Deal! After the job is finished, you can give each other a rating. With a good rating, you’ll find a job or employee even quicker in the future!